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Save the date, visually!

Live how you want to, and remember what you want to!

It may cross your mind sometimes that leaving those precious memories in the phone seems pointless; what use of them if they are not displayed? It will be a massive win for those who are invested in sharing such favors to everyone, or for themselves!

And that is why Baratse is born.

High hopes for you, and us, too

It is not simply a gift, it is a message: that each frame signifies the representation of what you love in life.

Friendship, pride, subtle affection, they surely matter so much if you decide to make it alive in front of your eyes. Share and care, that is what we are heading to for this journey, to make any of us matter.

True to heart, we look forward to your words every second with deep fondness. Give us some and expect a good time full of enthusiasm.

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